Consulting procedure

During the consultations before surgery it is essential to establish a doctor-patient rapport of confidence and understanding. In this manner it will be easy for you to talk about all your questions and possible anxieties regarding treatment.

1. In the first consultation:
  • To explain your specific problem and your expectations.
  • To summarize your medical and surgical history.
  • To record your cosmetic history.
  • To explain the possible treatment or the alternatives to treatment.
  • To discuss a non surgical treatment.
  • To elaborate on a treatment plan.
  • To define which are the obtainable objectives.

The treatment objectives must be realistic and at the same time should be shared by patient and surgeon. Dr. Cerqueiro will not agree to provide a treatment that implies excessive risks to you or that he professionally considers not likely to meet your expectations. To inform about the cost of treatment (medical and hospital fees).

2. In the second consultation:

Preparation for surgery: Informed consent, blood tests (if necessary), imaging tests, measurements, photography, consultation with other specialists, to program the pre-operative consultation with the anaesthetist, psychological evaluation (if necessary), etc. To perform non surgical treatments.

3. In the consultations for the follow up of surgical and non-surgical treatments:
  • Check-ups after surgery in the short term (dressings).
  • Check-ups after surgery in the longer term (normally after three months).
  • To revisit the plans of treatment previously established.
  • To follow up the progress after non-surgical treatments.
  • To follow up the pathology that doesn’t require surgery.

After treatment you will be provided with a contact telephone number to be able to gain access to any care you could need outside normal working hours.

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